Welcome to V&E Acquisitions, We are a new Rental Company in the Oregon Portland – Vancouver Area. We are here to bring you the best Real Estate Rental Packages & awesome 3d tour floorplans ranging from 1-3BR /1-3 baths 900sqft -1400sqft. Here we focus 100% on our customers needs down to the appliances fixtures upgrades & more. Come checkout our beautiful Rental Leasing floorplans & inventory. We have locations in GA,FL WA, & CA. Our aim is to provide the best customer service 24/7 for all our current and future tenants. Let’s say once you take a look at our different style apartments floorplans and color schemes and stainless steel amenities package bonuses and more. We have been in the real estate industry 20+ yrs building on and off-site Prefab Homes.

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V&E Acquisitions has shifted to more of a podcast platform in recent years, but the value remains the same. The site is aimed at helping aspiring real estate investors use more of their intellectual currency (as opposed to their actual money) to build part-time and full-time businesses to create cash flowing investment portfolios. The foundation of Epic’s philosophy is to shift one’s focus from “saving” piles of money to “creating” streams of money. –> Click Here To Checkout Our Awesome 3D Tour Rental Floorplans.

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"Checkout V&E Acquisitions Rental Floor-Plans"

Checkout our latest recent apartment floor-plans ranging from 1-3br & 1-3bath. The sqft per unit range from 900 -1450 sqft. Call us today @ (877-350-3492) Ext 997 or email us at realestate@acquisitions.com for any real estate inquiries.

We have live agents ready to assist you. Please feel free to visit our showroom floor to see our inventory.
Click Here to View Our 3D Floor Plan Customize luxury apartment rental floors and upgraded amenities and more

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