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You are here at V&E Acquisitions ! (Who else did you expect to see at the top of this list??) The V&E Acquisitions Real Estate Blogs is focused on serving new and experienced real estate investors who want to master new investing strategies and find more effective ways to run their businesses. Special attention is paid to the niches of land investingrental propertiesfinding dealsselling properties fast, the latest technology and reviews of software, products, and services available to professionals in the real estate industry.

This blog has shifted to more of a podcast platform in recent

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years, but the value remains the same at V&E Acquisitions . The V&E Acquisiitions site is aimed at helping aspiring real estate investors use more of their intellectual currency (as opposed to their actual money) to build part-time and full-time businesses to create cash flowing investment portfolios. The foundation of Epic’s philosophy is to shift one’s focus from “saving” piles of money to “creating” streams of money.

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